BME-657 Professional Competencies

The following table lists and describes the professional competencies by which students are evaluated.

Professional Competency

Demonstrated Outcomes

#1: Professionalism

·         Act in a professional manner with management and colleagues

·         Understand the organizational mission, goals and culture

·         Engage people with empathy and diplomacy

·         Recognize, interpret and act upon progress evaluations

#2: Communication skills

·         Demonstrate excellent oral and written language skill appropriate to the audience

·         Communicate effectively and professionally with ease, precision, clarity and accuracy

#3: Time management

·          Create a clear and detailed project plan that fits logically within host organization objectives

·         Manage projects with purposeful activities and milestones

#4: Organization skills

·         Manage day-to-day activities that promote project/organizational development

·         Develop a framework to track and evaluate progress

·         Establish and maintain routines that ensure the smooth progression of projects

·         Identify and correct organizational problems that hinder the smooth progression of projects

·         Establish and apply methods to solve problems that hinder project/organizational development

#5: Professional development

·         Identify their own level of achievement in professional competency development

·         Access and use available resources to improve professional skills

·         Be a critical, reflective practitioner

·         Undertake research projects related to specific aspects of their work and/or objectives of the host organization

#6: Ethical practice

·         Demonstrate ethical and responsible professional behavior in the performance of your duties

·         Be trusted, without reservation, as a colleague

·         Display diligence, responsibility, discretion, fairness, respect, acceptance and caring in all dealing with management, colleagues, and partners in the community

·         Support actions with well-founded reason

·         Be aware of, and abide by, the legal and regulatory obligations of the profession